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Debit Card Controls

Enjoy the convenience of managing your BCT Debit Cards at home or on-the-go.

With Debit Card Controls, you decide how and when your cards can be used.


  • Use your BCT Online Banking or Mobile App to manage your BCT Debit Cards1
  • Manage spending limits
  • Restrict transaction types
  • Set travel notifications2 
  • Receive real-time alerts3
  • And more


LOGIN to your BCT Online Banking or Mobile App and click the menu "Debit Card Controls."

Contact the Client Care Center with any questions at 1-800-296-8431, Monday-Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm or Saturday 8:30am - Noon.


1 BCT's Mobile App required data connection. Usage fees may apply. Contact your wireless provider for details. 

2 Travel notifications will be processed within two business days.

3 Alerts may be occasionally delayed.



Pay a Person - Send money to friends and family by text, email, direct deposit, or check!

Using your BCT Mobile App* or Online Banking browser, it's easy to pay friends, family, and businesses from your BCT checking account using our Pay a Person service.  Send money for split checks at a restaurant, pay a babysitter, send your college student money, and much more.  BCT's Pay a Person service is easy to setup and even easier to use. 

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Banner-small_PurchaseRewards_2022-04-04Purchase Rewards

Cash Back Program

When using BCT's Debit Card, you will earn cash back for purchases at many of your favorite stores, both online and at the mall.

It's easy to register and begin shopping... and earning cash back!

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55,000 Surcharge-Free ATMs

Through our partnerships with Allpoint ATM networks and Sheetz Gas and Convenience Stores, there are over 55,000 ATMs available throughout the United States for surcharge-free cash withdrawals using your BCT VISA® Debit Card.  That's right, we've simplified your financial life by removing fees normally associated with withdrawing your hard-earned money using ATM machines.   And there are thousands more ATMs available in foreign countries.*  


Allpoint ATM Network  AllPoint_ATM

Make cash withdrawals using your BCT VISA Debit Card at over 55,000 ATMs nationwide, and thousands more overseas, using the AllPoint® ATM network.  BCT will not charge a fee, as usual, nor will the Allpoint network ATM charge a fee. This is another way BCT is simplifying your financial life.  To find an ATM near you, visit our Locations page and select AllPoint ATMs.



Sheetz Gas and Convenience Stores  Sheetz

Also using your BCT VISA Debit Card, you can make cash withdrawals at all Sheetz stores without any ATM usage fees regardless of what the ATM's instructions may note.**  Founded in Altoona, PA, and with 634 stores, Sheetz is a family owned gas and convenience store chain.  They are a 60+ year old family-owned company, with stores throughout the Mid-Atlantic and South.  Our partnership with Sheetz is another way BCT helps simplify your financial life, providing a worry-free cash withdrawals while on the road.

Make cash withdrawals using your BCT VISA® Debit Card at over 55,000 ATMs nationwide, and thousands more overseas, using the AllPoint® ATM network.

To find a Sheetz Gas and Convenience Store near you, visit their website and click on "Find a Sheetz". 

 sheetz locations

* International currency exchange fees may or may not apply to foreign cash withdrawals. 

** If an ATM fee is charged, contact our Customer Care Center at 1-800-296-8431 or your local branch.


Banner-small_Digital-Wallet_croppedApple Pay® , Google PayTM , and Samsung PayTM are here!

BCT's Debit Card can be used with the top digital payment apps: Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.  No need to swipe your card or carry cash. Once loaded on your device's payment app, you can make contactless and cashless payments as well as purchases in stores, online, and within other apps. Charges are made directly with your BCT Debit Card where you can immediately see them on your BCT Mobile or Online Banking account.

These digital payment apps work with millions of vendors. Load your BCT Debit Card today to create your virtual wallet.

Convenience and security are first and foremost when using these digital payment apps. Pay in stores using your Apple or Android device.  You can also pay within other Apps and on the internet.   Checkout the instructions below to get started. 

When paying, look for these symbols:apple-pay-merchant-symbolsGPay_Acceptance_Mark_800Samsung_Pay_logo



Mobile Check DepositMobile_deposit-Oct21

Using BCT's Mobile App*, you can deposit checks from the comfort of you own home.  No need to drive to a branch or mail checks anymore. 

From our Mobile App, select "Deposit Check" at the bottom of your screen, then select the account in which to deposit, enter the amount of the check, then snap a picture of the front and back.  Voila!

Using your mobile device, click your device's app store below to download BCT's Mobile App.    

AppStore   GooglePlay

Guidelines & tips for Mobile Deposit

* BCT's Mobile App is required to use our Mobile Check Deposit feature. Wireless connection required. Usage fees may apply. Contact your wireless provider for details. 


BCT Card Pay

Pay your bills more easily by using your BCT Debit Card in Online Banking*


Now you get to choose how to pay your bills. That’s because BCT's BillPay now accepts debit card payments for most bills. It’s a new feature that puts you in control of the way you pay. And it’s all in one convenient place.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Go to your payments dashboard in Online Banking's BillPay and click the ‘Pay by Card’ link under eligible billers
  • Add your BCT Debit Card information as a funding account
  • Enter login credentials for the biller’s website
  • Click “Pay now” and you’re done

It’s that easy. Get started today!  LOGIN to Online Banking and BillPay above.

* BCT debit card limits apply.



24-Hour Telephone Banking


Enhanced features of BCT's 24-Hour Telephone Banking include speech recognition (including Spanish), scheduling of automatic transfers, making BCT loan payments, activating and deactivating your BCT Debit Card, and reviewing future-dated transactions.  The menu has been updated so listen carefully. 


Access to the enhanced 24-Hour Telephone Banking system requires registered phone numbers.  If you need to update your phone numbers, contact our Customer Care Center at 1-800-296-8431.

Reference Guide & Quick Tips


Contactless Debit CardBanner-Contactless-Debit-Card2_800x600

BCT is transitioning to Contactless Debit Cards.  When you receive your new BCT Debit Card, your purchases will be easier, faster, and safer because of new Contactless Debit Card technology.

In addition to making purchases with a swipe or online by entering your card's information, contactless technology enables you to make purchases without touching store terminals.

To make contactless, touch-free purchases:

  • Look for the Contactless Symbol Symbol-contactless2 on the store's purchase terminal.
  • Tap when prompted, near the Contactless Symbol Symbol-contactless2.  Depending on the terminal, you may tap on, above, or below the screen.
  • Go when the terminal screen confirms payment. 

Your new BCT Contactless Debit Card is provided upon normal expiration reissuance and when new accounts are opened.* The new Cards have a Contactless Symbol Symbol-contactless2  on the back.  See example below.


*There is a $5 fee to replace lost or stolen cards. 


Financial Calculators

Our calculators can help you stay in control of your financial life such as determining monthly payments on personal loans, automobile affordability, whether to rent or buy a home, mortgage amortization, savings and spending goals, just to name a few.