Get Started With Money Management

Take control of your finances 

We’re making it easier than ever to visualize and interact with your money. With BCT's Money Management tool, you’ll gain powerful insights on when, where and how you spend. You'll have powerful capabilities at the click or tap of a button.



With Money Management, you can: 

  • See all your accounts in one place (BCT and others)
  • View your spending trends
  • Set and manage budgets 
  • Visualize your financial goals

Money Management gives you the tools to start simplifying your finances—and so much more.


To get started, follow these simple steps: 

  • LOGIN to BCT's Online Banking in the top right corner of this website -or- LOGIN to BCT's Mobile app
  • Navigate to Money Management
  • Connect your external accounts (Your BCT accounts will already be listed)

The tools to help you reach your financial goals are right at your fingertips. Start building a brighter financial future today.

For more help, checkout the Quick Help User Guide or call the Client Care Center at 1-800-296-8431 during normal business hours.