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BCT is a local community bank focused first on building relationships for a lifetime of financial support. We want to be your trusted advisor for generations, for your family and your business.

We offer simple, straight-forward financial planning services that provide clients with a full range of options and benefits.

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Who Are We?

BCT Wealth Advisors is a strategic wealth management team dedicated to providing BCT clients a full range of services and financial planning tools. We have been serving clients for over 70 years with financial planning services, trust and estate services, and investment management. BCT Wealth Advisors has the expertise and resources to meet the financial management needs of individuals, families, businesses, and estates.



Leslie Crabill | SVP, Director of Wealth and Investments

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Stacy Duranko, AFIM® | VP, Wealth Advisor

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Amber Owens | Wealth Administrator

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Emma Espinosa | Client Coordinator

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Trustworthy advice is a cornerstone to our financial management culture. As a local company with over 70 years of experience, we provide independent research, expert analysis using an open research architecture, along with internal and external expertise for portfolio management. BCT Wealth Advisors will meet with you to personally develop a financial plan suitable for your needs.

Our approach:

  • Work personally with clients to establish objectives, preferences, and values
  • Complete a financial inventory, assessing assets and liabilities, insurance, and estate plan
  • Create a wealth plan consistent with the identified values, objectives, and preferences
  • Build a support team for client and create an accountability plan


Strategic Wealth Management

  • Financial planning
  • Generational planning
  • Portfolio management

Trust and Estate Services

Our trust services has a long history of helping families and businesses manage estates, wills, and custody of important documents. We are experts in trust management with dedicated professionals to personally meet with you through the trust and/or estate process.

  • Trustee for Living Trusts, Trusts Under Will, and Charitable Trusts: Administration and portfolio management in accordance with the terms of the legal document.
  • Estate Settlement: Administration of the estate to ensure all applicable taxes and regulatory requirements are met prior to distribution to your beneficiaries.

Key Financial Documents for Life


Investment Management

We offer many alternatives for your investment needs. Our professional staff will work personally with you to identify the best strategy and placement options for your investments.






Donald and Donna Howe Callar Educator Scholarship

To financially assist educators as they pursue continuing education, certification, and advanced degrees.  Anyone working in education can apply.

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