Hunger is faceless.  Help Feed a Local Child.

Food-insecurity is real for thousands of local children.  Your donation through Pack the 'Pack will help fill backpacks with food.  Any amount will help!


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What is the BCTCares Foundation PACK THE 'PACK program?

While difficult to believe, there is a great need in our local communities regarding food-insecure families.  This affects children especially hard.  Outside of school, many of our local children do not have access to food, jeopardizing their immediate health and long-term mental development. 

The BCTCares Foundation wants to help provide funds for the necessary food to feed these children during Summer break and school-year weekends.

Due to inflationary times, the cost to fill one backpack has risen significantly.  Your help is needed even more this year.  Our four backpack charity partners (listed below) find their greatest need is during Summer months due to depleted inventories.  This is why Pack the 'Pack runs during July and August each year, to help replenish their food inventories to serve summer break needs as well as stocking up for Fall terms.  When the campaign rolls around, please consider supporting this effort by providing a monetary donation at any of our local branches or donating online using the DONATE NOW buttons above and below.  

Pack the 'Pack charity partners:


BCTCares Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization, EIN 87-1550562. Consult your tax adviser regarding possible tax benefits for donations.


2023 PACK THE 'PACK campaign reaches new record in raising $65,000, filling over 5,000 student backpacks with food

The 2023 Pack the 'Pack campaign faced a daunting task of requesting donations during one of the highest inflationary periods in recent history.   Our clients and community rallied to reach a new record, resulting in $65,000 being donated that filled more than 5,000 backpacks for food-insecure children and families. 

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2022 PACK THE 'PACK - Supporters donated $56,000 that filled over 5,600 Backpacks with food

2022 Campaign a Resounding Success

The 2022 Pack the 'Pack campaign resulted in $56,000 being donated by clients, employees, vendors, and our community supporters.  The four local backpack charities each received $14,000 to purchase food for their local school children and other recipients of their food-filled backpacks.  Further below is a list of our partner backpack charities.

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In 2021, Over 8,600 Backpacks Filled With Food!

September 2021 - Our first Pack the 'Pack campaign was a resounding success...thanks to YOU!   Customers, employees, vendors, and community patrons joined together July 1 through August 31, 2021, to raise $43,000, enough to fill over 8,600 backpacks with food for a weekend. Thanks to everyone who contributed.

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BCT Responds to COVID-19 Pandemic

In 2019, the COVID-19 Pandemic impacted local families by closing businesses and reducing or eliminating incomes.   BCT responded by donating $25,000 to local charities with direct access and means to reach food-insecure families quickly.  




2019_All_-_Employee_meetingIn 1871, our company formed through neighbors helping neighbors.

Today, we keep that same spirit alive by reinvesting our time, treasure, and talent back into our communities in many ways such as taking part in food drives or providing aid to local businesses, families, and organizations.  More importantly, BCT employees volunteer their personal time to help those in need.  In 2023, our employees volunteered at 37 organizations equating to nearly 1,200 volunteer hours.


BCT Employees Serve Our Communities

Days Volunteered in 2023


Hours volunteered in 2023


Organizations supported in 2023



The BCTCares Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization formed in 2021 with a mission to provide direct support to food-insecure children, families, and individuals in the four primary counties served by BCT-Bank of Charles Town, also known as The Community's Bank.  The Foundation's Board of Directors is comprised of employees and a member of the Board of Directors for Bank of Charles Town:

  • Kristie Hadley - Chairman
  • Aaron Howell - Vice Chairman
  • Ted Argleben - Treasurer
  • Kim Himes - Secretary
  • Alice Frazier - Controller (President & CEO, Bank of Charles Town)
  • Kristina Bouweiri (Board Member, Bank of Charles Town)
  • Leslie Crabill
  • Bryan Decker

BCTCares Foundation, Inc., EIN 87-1550562. Consult your tax adviser regarding possible tax benefits for donations. 

BCTCares Foundation
111 E. Washington Street
Charles Town, WV 25414



Robert F. Baronner, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

BCT established this prestigious academic scholarship in honor of the late Bob Baronner, former President and CEO of BCT.  The scholarship is to support a post-secondary college or vocational education for students from Berkeley and Jefferson Counties, West Virginia.  The scholarship of $2,500 may be awarded annually for a total of four years, or $10,000.  This scholarship fund was started in 2018, awarding $10,000 each year to worthy local students.  To see the most recent Baronner Memorial Scholarship recipient, read the Press Release

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BCT acts a Trustee for several scholarship funds.  Through BCT Wealth Advisors, we administer scholarship funds that have granted local students from over $800,000 to $290,200 most recently.  These funds are to assist local students with their post secondary education.   For the most recent student scholarship awards, please read the Press Release