Working through your Human Resources team, we partner with you to bring financial literacy and seminars to your employees, while offering products and services tailored for your company.


Since 1871, BCT has provided local businesses with tailored services for their employees, improving retention and adding value. 

BCT @ Work is a turnkey program providing your employees the tools and resources needed to meet their financial goals, at no cost. Financial well-being is proven to lead to a more productive workforce.  When that happens, everyone benefits.

Benefit To Company

  • A no-cost benefit with minimal administrative burdens.
  • Help increase employee participation in direct deposit, reducing related payroll costs.
  • Enhanced benefits & financial education to help support employee satisfaction, well-being, and retention.
  • Comprehensive financial services exclusively available to employees.
  • On-site financial education sessions to help employees achieve their financial goals.
  • BCT Relationship Managers dedicated to your company.

Benefit To Employees

  • Special offer on money management, mortgage, and retail loan products.
  • The convenience of Direct Deposit – knowing your paycheck will be there the day it is deposited.
  • Free on-site financial education sessions.
  • A choice of services to meet individual needs.
  • A dedicated BCT @ Work banker.

BCTatWork-EmployeeTeam-iStock-958682698-MedFinancial Seminars For Your Employees

Your Money, Values and Influences
Understand your internal values, external influences, and their relationship to your financial decisions.
You Can Bank On It
Learn about financial products, services, and providers available.
Your Spending and Savings Plan
Understand how to develop a spending and savings plan, and how to prioritize when money is short.
Credit Reports and Credit Scores
Learn how to build a productive credit history, how to repair or improve your credit, and how credit works to your benefit.
Borrowing Basics
Learn the options available for borrowing money and the costs associated.
Buying A Home
Understand the home buying process and the advantages and disadvantages with buying vs. renting. 
Protecting Your Identity and Other Assets
Learn ways to recognize, respond to, and reduce the risks of identity theft, as well as strategies for protecting other assets.
Disasters - Financial Preparation and Recovery
How to financially prepare for the unexpected, and recover from a disaster.
BCT @ Work will visit your office to provide more details and special product pricing for your company and employee accounts. Setup an appointment today!