Business Analysis Checking


Business Analysis Checking is designed for more complex businesses with large transaction volume, high balances, and need for Cash Management services. This account provides an Earnings Credit Rate (ECR) that can offset or eliminate eligible fees when applied monthly to your average ledger balance.1   

Key Features that may reduce expenses and provide convenience include:

  • Earnings Credit Rate (ECR) applied monthly to average ledger balance1
  • No preset check writing or transaction limitations
  • Fees determined by monthly account balances and daily transactions and activity, which may be offset or eliminated when ECR is applied1
  • Online Banking and Mobile App access with multi-user capability2
  • Bill Pay services directly within Online Banking
  • VISA® Debit Card with controls to set limits, turn cards On and Off, and more

Cash Management

In association with your Business Analysis Checking account, our local Cash Management team works directly with your finance team to help customize your Business Online Banking experience, ensuring you have the access you need to manage your accounts and seamlessly process transactions.

Examples of Cash Management services that can be associated with your Business Analysis Checking:

  • Remote check deposit from your office
  • ACH origination
  • Wire transfers
  • Fraud Prevention with Positive Pay services for checks and ACH
  • Merchant Services
  • Lockbox Services for payments and charitable donations

What is Earnings Credit Rate and how does it work?

  • The Earnings Credit Rate (ECR) is an imputed rate on money held in your Business Analysis Checking and other eligible accounts.  ECR is not an interest rate.  The ECR is applied monthly to the average ledger balance of your Business Analysis Checking account and other eligible accounts.  The ECR may change.
  • If the amount earned is greater than eligible fees (examples: fees for service such as Business Online Banking, Remote Check Deposit, Positive Pay, etc.), the fees are eliminated.  Any excess is not added as a credit to the account.


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Earnings Credit Rate (ECR) can be applied monthly to the average ledger balance of eligible account(s), which may reduce or eliminate eligible fees assessed during the period.  ECR is not an interest rate.  See your BCT banker or contact the Cash Management team for details. 

2 Online Banking and Mobile App require internet and/or data connection.  Usage fees may apply. Contact your internet and/or cellular service provider for details.