No matter the nature of your business or the type of customers you serve, our customized and cost effective payment processing solutions help your business run efficiently. Additional services are available to help your business take advantage of ever changing electronic payment solutions, like receiving payments from ApplePay, Samsung Pay or other NFC technologies.

Merchant Services:

  • BCT partners with Alliant Payment Solutions for the following services:
  • Credit card processing
  • E-Commerce and Card-Not _present solutions
  • Integrated payment solutions, i.e. ERP-Voice Response
  • Secure government payment solutions'
  • EMV, Encrypted, Tokenized payment solutions
  • Receive payments from alternative payment services such as ApplePay, Samsung Pay, NFC and many others

Additional information about your current merchant services, if applicable, will be helpful during your enrollment process.

Reach out to one of our BCT Representatives to enroll or learn about additional services offered

Merchant Services Support

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